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November 28th starts the

DCCF #Giving4Good

campaign to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. They will match any funds donated

up to $5000, so please consider maximizing your donation to help support Operation Dry Feet. The campaign ends December 31st.


Hidden Valley Camp...

is one of the single largest tracts of urban wilderness left within the city of Lawrence, making it an easy destination for people of all ages to learn and enjoy all types of outdoor activities. More than 5,000 visitors enjoy the privately-owned camp each year.


Hidden Valley provides our community with:

  • 40 acres of green space and unaltered streams, managed for over 50 years with youth and wildlife in mind, and without taxpayer money.

  • Diverse habitat of woods, prairie, wetland and streams-perfect refuge for wild animals and native plants.

  • Opportunity to explore, cook on an open fire, camp, learn new skills, make new friends and create lasting memories.

  • A place to learn commitment, responsibility and stewardship of the land and its wildlife.

  • An area where children can begin a lifelong appreciation of their natural world.

Our next Volunteer Day is April 20, 2024; 1-4pm

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